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Lenovo 3½ Year Accidental Damage Protection Mail-In Warranty

Lenovo 3½ Year Accidental Damage Protection Mail-In Warranty

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May be added to the following Chromebook models anytime prior to expiration of the original warranty: N21, N22, N23, N42, 100e, 300e, 500e

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Convenient Protection

The Lenovo Extended Warranty with Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) covers your devices against everyday mishaps and provides you with a simple, predictable plan for achieving the full duration of your technology refresh cycle. The special "school year term" includes an additional 6 months of coverage for bridging the summer months.

Did You Know?

You can actually add an extended warranty to your Lenovo Chromebooks even after the devices are in use as long as they're within the coverage window of the original Lenovo warranty. You must wait 30 days after purchasing the extended warranty before you can file a claim, and extended warranties purchased in this manner will commence retroactively based on the original device delivery date, not the date the extended warranty was purchased.

What's Covered

Hardware failures, manufacturer’s defects, physical damage, water damage, temperature damage, screen cracks, missing keys, electrical surge, and pretty much any other mishaps that affect the functionality of the specific, serialized devices.

What's NOT Covered

An ADP warranty is NOT a substitute for a comprehensive casualty insurance policy. It does not cover multi-system damage events including, but not limited to: fire, smoke, flood, lightning strike, storm-related damages, vandalism, other human or natural disasters, or “acts of God.” The warranty also does NOT cover theft, loss of device, intentional damage, normal “wear and tear,” or cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect device function.

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